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Squirrels for sale atSomething ! Co-worked with AoD of It's The End of The World. Moo!
Welcome .
You are currently reading A.rtificial T.ime, the simple story of a little girl struggling through life.
Now I love working on this comic.
Don't be fooled though. I know it doesn't look like much, but it IS a lot of work.
Thus a quandary.
You see, A.rtificial T.ime pages take a while to do. And right now with only work it's managable, but starting next month I'm going to have to balance this comic, work, school and my first practicum/stage/however you're supposed to call that.
I have decided, for the sake of this comic's quality and my own fledgling sanity to update at every two day. Yeah, no specific days, just 'every two days'. We'll see what happens with that.
So, count today as the first 'pause'.
Eat your pudding, or you won't get any meat.

Character design and everything else are copyrighted Rao! 2005.
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Now get off my damn lawn.
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